Past training events

Trainings provided by the r’BIRTH consortium during 2014-2017:

RT-12 High Content Analysis and High Throughput Microscopy Workshop
3 ECTS UTU, 2017 June 19-20th
RT-11 Animal Handling course
2 ECTS ÅAU, 2017 May 8-24th
RT-6 PET Basics Course
2 ECTS ÅAU, 2017 March 6th-8th
RT-11 Animal Handling Course
6 ECTS ÅAU, 2016 April 23th-May 13th
RT-6 PET Basics course
3 ECTS ÅAU, 2016 March 7th-9th
RT-5 Magnetic Resonance Spectoscropy 3 ECTS LIN, 2015 August 19th-24th
RT-4 MRI/fMRI Theory & Practical course 3 ECTS TCD, 2015 June 8th-11th
RT-11 Animal Handling course 6 ECTS ÅAU, 2015 May 18th-June 3rd
RT-6 PET Basics course  2 ECTS ÅAU, 2015 March 23rd-25th
RT-7 Psychoneuroimmunology Symposium 3 ECTS APDIA, 2015 March 12th-13rd
RT-9 Practical Course in Histology (Animals) 4 ECTS UNOTT, 2015 January 27th-29th
RT-1 Bioinformatics and Experimental Design 4 ECTS ULUND, 2014 December 1st-5th
RT-10 Animal Scientific Procedures (UK leg.) 3 ECTS UNOTT, 2014 October 13th-17th
RT-9 Practical Course in Histology (Animals) 3 ECTS UNOTT, 2014 September
RT-2 Mass Spectometry MS/MS and SRM 3 ECTS ULUND, 2014 September 8th-12th
RT-11 Animal Handling Course 6 ECTS ÅAU, 2014. May 20th – June 6th
RT-6 PET Basics course 2 ECTS ÅAU, 2014. April 7th – 9nth
WT-1 Lost in Imaging webinar series ÅAU, 2014, every 4 weeks