r’BIRTH is a new Marie-Curie Initial Training Network.

The network comprises 9 international partners in Finland, Sweden, Ireland, UK, Belgium and Germany and offers 12 new Early Stage Research (ESR) PhD positions (11 of which are for 36 months) and 4 Experienced Researcher (ER) post-doctoral positions for 24 months.

The network seeks top candidates to become the next generation of scientists equipped to create innovative solutions to the problems associated with the ageing brain and psychiatric disorders.

Project 1: Molecular Regulation of Adult Neurogenesis

Project 2: Human Imaging of Neuroplastic Changes in Depression

Project 3: Signalling Intermediates and protein interactions regulating neurogenesis and depression

Project 4: Identification of Cell Surface Markers of Neurogenesis

Project 5: Multimodal Imaging for Correlates of GABAergic and Glutamatergic Neurotransmission in MDD patients

Project 6: Phage Antibody Purification for Fluorescence, MRI and PET Imaging of Neurogenesis

Project 7: Measurements of Neuroactive Haptens in Tissues and Body Fluids

Project 8: Functional Impact of Neurogenesis on Adult Learning and Memory

Project 9: Epigenetic Analysis of Depression